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January 2008 – Lakota Nation Declares Independence. Can Venice Be Far Behind

By Erica Snowlake

Haumikole! Hello my friend!

On December 19, the Lakota Freedom Delegation announced unilateral withdrawl from all U.S. treaties to a small group of Press and well-wishers in the Plymouth Congregational Church in Washington, DC. The same church hosted the American Indian Movement in the1970s.

Delegates Mni yuha Najin Win, Phyllis Young from Standing Rock; Oyate Wacinyapin, Russell Means, Pine Ridge; Canupa Gluha Mani, Duane Martin Sr., Hill City, Black Hills; and Tegihya Kte, Garry Rowland, Wounded Knee, made presentations, sang and drummed traditional songs, and cut up their driver’s licenses.

The delegates have been in discussion with traditional treaty councils across Lakota in the communities of Pine Ridge, Porcupine, Kyle, Rosebud, Lower Brule, Cheyenne River, Standing Rock, and Flandreau. The withdrawl is said to be vested on the power of the Lakota people and their children, in accordance with the Strongheart Warrior Society and its Grandmothers.

Citing provisions of the1868 Fort Laramie Treaty which have never been upheld, the Lakota have been subject to colonial apartheid conditions, an ongoing catastrophe on the Reservations of alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployment, and extreme poverty, suffering high incidences of diabetes, tuberculosis, infant mortality, and teenage suicides, possessing one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation, and the lowest life expectancy of any country in the world.

Further, “Lakotah, have waited at least 155 years for the United States of America to adhere to provisions of the treaties, whose continuing violations have resulted in the near annihilation of our people physically, spiritually, and culturally.” These violations have been in breach of Article VI of the United States Constitution rendering all treaties made “the Supreme Law of the Land.”

The five-state area of Lakotah emcompasses North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. It’s all now Lakotah! The mineral-rich Black Hills, the Paha Sapa have always been held as sacred ancestral land by the Lakota.

Invasions into the Paha Sapa by gold-seekers in the1870’s provoked the so-called “Red Cloud’s War” leading to the legendary Battle at Little Big Horn, 1876, where George Custer was defeated, and the subsequent infamous massacre of hundreds of unarmed Hunkpapa and Mniconju men, women, and children with Si Tanka (Chief Big Foot), at Wounded Knee in 1890.

Legends live on, and the descendants of assasinated spiritual warrior leaders Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Dull Knife and Conquering Bear still cry for justice today and their cries will be heard.

Lakota have always maintained their insistence upon the return of the Paha Sapa, accusing the U.S. of violations ranging from Homestead and Citizenship Acts to forced relocations, disallowment of their religions, and truly, the intentional genocide of their race.

Emerging from the conflict in the Wounded Knee Occupation of 1973, the International Indian Treaty Council formed with more than 5000 delegates representing 98 Indian tribes and Nations from North and South America to create a Manifesto from the wisdom of the People, their Ancestors, and the Great Mystery. Acknowledged within the 1974 Declaration of Continuing Independence is “the historical fact that the struggle for independence of the Peoples of our Sacred Earth Mother have always been over sovereignty of land, historical freedom efforts involving the highest human sacrifice.”

As international nations welcome and recognize Lakota independence, they will begin the adventure of birthing a new nation into Being. To this end they will issue passports, driver licenses, and a tax-free economy, provided residents renounce their U.S. citizenship. They will also begin to administer liens against real estate transactions made by non-Lakotas.

To celebrate and mark this autonomy, 44 people mounted horses on December 15 in Standing Rock to ride the spirit trail of Chief Big Foot and his people in the 21st Annual Ride. They will be joined by many others along the way, swelling their numbers to over 100 on the 13 day journey, returning to Wounded Knee a Free Lakota People.

“We are no longer citizens of the United States and all those who live in the 5 state area encompassing our country are free to join us.”,  declares Oyate Wacinyapin, Russell  Means. We at the Beachhead commend this action and hope it may inspire Venetians to restore Venice cityhood, entering into a liberating independence from Los Angeles.

After visiting the embassies of Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, and South Africa, the Lakota Delegates will continue on their diplomatic mission in bringing the good news of their freedom to the world.

Mitaku Oyasin! – We Are All Related!

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