January 2008 – Venetians In The Street

This month’s question: 
What are your hopes and dreams for the Boardwalk in 2008?


Alicia Garcia de Leon is an artist on the Boardwalk for the last five years. 
Permits are given to almost anyone and I think this is wrong. The lottery should be available only for those who create their own art or craft. Performers and people who practice self expression should also be available to be in the lottery. Jewelry making is also a type of art or craft therefore hand made jewelry should also be accepted and permitted. No commercial vending should be allowed. I think that after 12pm space holders should lose their space if they are not present.



Brian Mylius is a painter and resident of Venice. 
I would like the public to be a little more aware of what happens here for us artists. The public does not know much about the struggles and problems that we have out here. And I would like to see more music. You can’t find any music because of all the regulations they pass and I think that is really sad because it should be about art and music, not about commercial vending.


Michael Deane is the store manager at Ocean Blue and a resident. 
I would like to see help to rehabilitate the homeless. Help clean them up and bring them back into society. I would like the ordinance on the other side of the boardwalk straightened out, and not allow them to compete with businesses who pay rent. The majority of the revenue that this area generates is coming from people in the shops.


Ra Ra Superstar is an Ocean Front Walk artist and resident. 
I have been in Venice for 12 years and I would like to see the changes of more freedom and less police harassment. I would like to see people get better space opportunities without the lottery. Yeah, so I would like the lottery to end, and for it to go back to the way it was before, an open market, first come first served.


Sandra Edwards is homeless. She’s been living on the streets in Venice for 15 months.
I would really like to see more facilities available for the homeless. Hot showers would be great. I would like to see them bring back the Hare Krishna Temple which used to bring vegetarian meals down to the boardwalk to feed the people in need. It would be nice if there was a hot meal delivered to the people who really need one at night.


Richard Wellington is a street performer. 
What I would like to see happen is non-performers not be allowed in a performer’s spot and that is about it.

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