Feburary 2008 – Results of the January Beachhead Poll

What should be done with the Venice Circle? 
Mark as many choices as you like.
* Fill with water – 21%
* Close to traffic – 16%
* Add more statues – 17%
* Leave the Circle as it is – 19%
* Remove the present statue – 37%
* Add a fountain – 51%
*Create a giant Peace sign shaped as walkway
*Put up permanent displays about Venice history
*Make a garden or park with benches!
*Have a really cool fountain with some kind of animal figures
*Put in an interactive info point
*Italian fountain, statues (not sexist) at least one gondola
*Chess tables and chairs or benches
*A large arch (like Washington Square, NY)
*No more victim women, and loose that clown on Rose
*Statue of Abbot Kinney. Little cafes and shops around the circle
*A collective of Venice artists combine forces to create multiple works
*Please more art is nice, but less sexist
*Add more paper mache heads to statue
*Live music
*Giant windmill to generate electricity
*Have a contest for redesign
*Bring back the canals

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