February 2008 – Letters

• Just want to thank you – Suzy Williams
• I just picked up the recent January copy – Krista Schwimmer
• Please accept my contribution – Pegarty Long
• Keep up the great work – Michael Linder
• In My Perfect World – Rebecca Moore Frey


Just want to thank you

Dear Beachhead: 

Just want to thank you for being you, the very valuable voice o’ Venice. You are so much part of our town as the walk street and the palm trees. Bless you. 

Love XXX Suzy Williams


Really enjoyed it

Dear Beachhead, 

I just picked up the recent January copy of the “Beachhead” and really enjoyed it! It is nice to see this paper grow. And still, you give so much space to poetry!!! I love it!

My husband and I have been living in Venice for almost 10 years. We love the area and work at time as tarot readers on the Boardwalk. So I thought I would submit one of my Venice poems.

Krista Schwimmer


Keep up the good work

Dear Beachhead, 

Please accept my contribution as an annual sustainer. Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

Pegarty Long


Keep up the great work

Dear Beachhead, 

Keep up the great work, the splendid tradition. The Beachhead was alive and kicking when I first arrived in Venice in 1973 – here’s to many more years of covering our neighborhood.

All the best, Michael Linder


In My Perfect World

Dear Beachhead,

Here are potential political solutions (in my perfect world):


Let homeless and poor “run a tab” at restaurants and grocery stores, and either the establishment itself picks up the tab, as a tax write-off, or a wealthy Samaritan or non-profit organization pays for the food.


Take 1/4 to 1/8 of every park and green strip, dedicate it to growing foods, plant fruit and nut trees, vegetables and herbs; instead of ornamental landscaping. Allow anyone to gather and eat the free, fresh food! Some may over-pick, but nature will take its course and grow back.


Section off a corner or end of all parks, about 1/6 of the land, and allow homeless to live there in tent cities, but with the stipulation that they must maintain the edible gardens, and keep the parks clean and safe, thus imbuing the residents with the responsibility of caring for the land itself, and themselves and their neighbors. This would be minimally supervised by the Parks Department, and/or environmental and citizen action groups (such as those who monitor city gardens or provide for the poor). Key homeless personnel would be authorized to become resident leaders and groundskeepers. In addition, the restrooms would be enlarged to include showers and running water for drinking and watering the gardens.


Put humanitarian leadership in private hands (such as Angelina Jolie, Oprah and President Clinton have been doing with Africa). Those with wealth and heart can adopt those places and people who are poor, downtrodden, sick, polluted, lacking resources, etc…

Huge tax relief (or no tax at all, for every year of charitable service) that a charitable foundation or humanitarian individual with the resources and wherewithall (such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which could adopt an entire continent), “adopts” the land/river/mountain/stream/people (at whatever level is financial feasible), and pours money and resources directly into that region (bypassing its government, in some cases), not altering the area to become culturally different or “white-washed,” but to be supported through providing the basic needs: irrigation and clean water systems, alternative environmentally-friendly fuels, food, refrigeration, farming and industrial tools, medicine and hospitals/clinics with adequate trained staff and needed items, education, clothing, roads and transportation, and training and employment in all areas listed. (Based on the simple premise that “if you give a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”).

Rebecca Moore Frey

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