Swami X

February 2008 – Swami X Speaks

By X Swami X

If everyone realized that they are creating their own lives with their every thought and feeling, that the life they are goes on forever and that their essential nature is creative ecstasy, no one would be watching television.

What is man (embracing woman) anyway? Man is conscious intelligence, imaginative will and creative compassion, regardless of how momentarily limited, misdirected and/or myopic he may be. That soul of intelligence, will and love will inevitably merge in Consciousness Existence, Bliss Absolute, aka God or OWow.   

If people really understood that “ye reap what ye sow,’ perhaps they wouldn’t be kicking and robbing each other, or being mesmerized by television. Is reincarnation that difficult to grasp and accept, or has religious dogma contagioned what’s left of society with rabies in their belief systems?

The idea that keeps occurring to me, in spite of being distracted by those men in uniform who keep insisting that I purchase reams of tickets to the Policeman Ball, or go to jail on trumped up charges of jay walking, is that all I really have access to is in this moment and that I would be wise to utilize it for its ultimate potential of self-realization. 

My heart goes out to those without a clue, nevertheless, I am still reluctant to open the door for Harry Krishmans, Jehovah Witnesses and Klansman.

I just realized I have not yet made a sexual reference, joke, observation, fantasy, wish or prediction. Fortunately, it is not too late.

I predict sex will become more popular with ages between 12 and 16, news commentators will perform naked to prove they have nothing to hide and Hillary will streak around the White House, if elected, and maybe, even if not elected.   

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