March 2008 – Bunny Luv

By C.V. Beck

Way, way, way back in the 60s, hangin’ out in “da village”(yes, that village), I met a guy, Bill, at the Cafe Feenjon who was working as a manager at the Playboy Club “uptown.”
He arranged for me to go up there for an interview. I went, scared to death. I was seen by the Bunny Mother, a very pleasant-looking woman with a reddish-brown flip and contact lenses. She wanted me to not wear my black horn-rimmed glasses while working and also to put socks in the breastworks of the bunny costume. She took my picture with a polaroid, as I was bunny-dipping uncomfortably,with no glasses and with pairs of tube type sports socks stuffed in there.


We chatted a bit and I really didn’t want to put in or on socks, take off glasses, or wear 3 inch spikes, etc. Needless to say, I was not hired there, much to my relief.

The Bunny Mom turned out to be Gloria Steinem…in a previous incarnation, naturally. It was the 60s after all!

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