March 2008 – Chain Stores Be Gone

A Venice free of chain stores came one step closer to reality, Feb. 20, thanks to the tireless efforts of Venice Unchained.
A City Planning Department meeting on the subject was held at Westminster Auditorium at the urging of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. The 50-plus Venetians in attendance supported the plan to ban “formula retail stores” (wherein every store looks alike, aka chain stores). 

Discussion at the meeting included how much of Venice should be covered by the proposed ordinance, and how it should be structured. A Planning Department staff member has been assigned to shepherd the initiative through the maze of city bureaucracy.

Many Venetians have been advocating a chain store ordinance since 2004, and the Neighborhood Council passed a resolution in support. However, it is due largely to the efforts of Venice Unchained that this dream may become a reality. Contact them for more information at