March 2008 – How Venice Voted – Obama Landslide In Venice

By Jim Smith

Venice proved its contrariness, once again, in the Feb. 5 primary election. While Hillary Clinton won California, 51.8% – 41.8%, and L.A. County 54.9% – 41.6%, Venice was going for Barack Obama by landslide proportions. Even neighboring Santa Monica went for Clinton by a margin of 300 votes.
Obama won every precinct in Zip 90291 except for the area between Lincoln Blvd. and Penmar Ave., north of Palms Blvd. While not doing as well in Zip 90292, that part of Venice south of Washington Blvd., Obama still took three of four precincts. In Central Venice – the old canal area – Obama nearly tripled Clinton’s vote. Perhaps the presence of an Obama office in this precinct gave him a boost.

Although John McCain won the Republican primary, the total number of votes does not bode well for Republicans in November. McCain’s total votes were less than 9% of Obama’s total in Venice. In the general election in 2004, George Bush was able to win 13% of the votes in Venice, a stellar performance compared to McCain’s.

Third party candidates fared poorly in Venice, perhaps due to Obamania. Only some of the results are posted, but of those that are available, candidates for most third parties received fewer votes than in previous elections.

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