March 2008 – Results of The February Beachhead Poll

February’s poll was a no-brainer for Venetians. Do you support or oppose the proposed 31-story tower on Lincoln Blvd? An overwhelming 86% said they oppose it, while only 6% support it.
Some of your comments included:
–Tell the developers to go back where they came from. Don’t block our view of the ocean..
–what are they, nuts?
–This is Venice, NOT Miami.
–WHO makes the $$- APPROVING these “affordable” “artist” 30ft+ CONDO’s …WHERE is the SKY? cough hack
–this type of structure has no good purpose in Venice


NEW Beachhead Poll

Fences: The City Ordinance limits a property’s front fence to 3.5 feet.
___ I Support the Ordinance
___ I Oppose the Ordinance
___ Unsure or Don’t Care
___ Comments:

To Vote, clip & mail, or go to: http://www.freevenice.org.
Poll ends March 25

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