Swami X

March 2008 – Swami X Speaks

by X Swami X

I don’t want to alarm you because I know you already have your share of problems. Nevertheless, I must inform you that you are utilizing the wrong calendar, the one most everyone else is using.

This is not a joke. Next to George Bush being in the White House, this is the most serious, bizarre and dangerous situation imaginable. The world is in “lethal disharmony” due to our disharmonious way of observing and measuring time. Seriously contemplate this idea, for you have the opportunity to bring about world peace, not to mention peace within yourself.

Alright, you’re going to pass on that. How about this. Two or three years of frequent cell phone use will bring about brain cancer. You’re already hooked and you’re not buying that one either. Oh yeah, TV is bringing about mass insanity.

Try this. George Bush is a reptilian, controlled by an alien civilization, the Republican Party. Ha ha ha. I thought I’d just call the whole thing off.

I’m sure you’re doing fine, enjoying life, looking forward to the next one, being a good neighbor to those maniacs next door, and looking forward to your vacation, retirement, demise,and next incarnation.

I’m having a grand time, alertly and adventurously approaching Death, that Grinning Sweeper, more joyously each passing night and day.

I am going to and enjoying movies, more than live or almost live human beings. My problem with live human beings is that I can see how, with just a little readjustment, they could be so much happier and at peace. 

The Mayan calendar for one, meditation for another; being grateful for life itself is a good one; seeing the humor in everything that happens, and accepting everything that happens with the inner serenity that comes with daily meditation. 

Seducing a good looking neighbor, reading or writing a best seller, playing chess, gin, or crazy 8’s while under the influence of a powerful psychedelic with good looking naked neighbors around a pool full of friendly piranhas, or naked skate boarding in Beverly Hills on a quiet Sunday afternoon in a light invigorating rain…on December 21, 2012…while having a relevant, two-way conversation with God (or OWow) while on a powerful psychedelic with no police around, and naked, of course. 

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