March 2008 – Women are the Celebrities of the World

By CJ Groner
Women have much to celebrate these days … and also much to lament. 

We have the first female Speaker of the House in Nancy Pelosi – great.

We also have the first serious female contender for President of the United States in Hillary Clinton … who is desperately trying to scratch out a victory with negative attacks, her husband’s political clout (how feminist is that?), lies, stealing (words and votes), and trying to put her foot on the throat of what is FINALLY an actual MOVEMENT towards positive change in this country, just to “win” – not so great.

I just read an article about how a huge percentage of young girls have as their dream job, “Celebrity Assistant.” Not President, not Teacher, not Doctor, but someone who chases after the mental patient starlets of the moment. I’m still nauseous.

Sure, for every negative example you can hopefully find a positive … but when you get Miss Teen Whatevers getting up and showing the world just how very very stupid American women can be … and getting even MORE media attention to celebrate the fact – I’m going to start looking for someone to slap.

The Media? Parents? Society at large? What I DO know is that if we can IGNORE Paris, and instead we over-saturate the markets with women like Karenna Gore Schiff (yes, Al’s daughter) who wrote a remarkable book called “Lighting The Way” about the absolute BEACONS called: Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Mother Jones, Alice Hamilton, Frances Perkins, Virginia Durr, Septima Clark, Dolores Huerta, Helen Rodrigues -Trias and Gretchen Buchenholz. You might not recognize all of those names … but you should.

It’s always interesting to be a woman … torn between wanting to be special, and be equal at the same time. We can’t HELP but be special! We can create new life inside of us! We have marvelous mounds of flesh up front that can also nurture life! We have empathy and love and brains and beauty … with all of that already going for us, frankly, I’ve never felt UN-equal to any man. We ARE different, so let it be and rejoice in it!

Just a couple weeks ago, I was in Kaua’i and went on a zip-lining adventure. I have long blonde hair and a decent cup size, and that was clear enough permission for one of the guides to unleash a ceaseless string of “Blonde Jokes” and lewd-ish comments the entire time. When he finally asked what I did, I replied, “I’m a neurosurgeon.” (I’m not, but how would he know?) The look on his face was classic, and the jokes stopped. I can’t even blame him, really. 

The “Girls Next Door,” the old ladies walking around Beverly Hills looking like The Joker, all going to the same plastic surgeon (Google Lois Aldrin – wife of Buzz – for the best example), fooling no one but themselves … all of it is just so sad and surface, and only serves to perpetuate the empty headed Chick myth. And that is what we have young girls aspiring to! 

We’ve got a lot of work to do in this country, in a lot of areas. But maybe we can start locally … tell the ladies in your life how much you appreciate and respect them, don’t buy the Celeb mags (read the above book instead), be a mentor to a young girl that deep down might want to change the world instead of just her lip gloss.

My feeling these days is not Female, not Male, but People power! Let’s get things done TOGETHER! It really is the only way.

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