March 2008 – Women Are The Light Of The World

Big Island, Hawai’i – Today my friend Ardas taught a kundalini yoga class to a new momma with her three-moon new daughter. I attended to feel the vibes and fill out the class. We chanted and breathed really well.

It was a delight to feel the bond between baby Io’lani, (named for the hawaiian word for hawk), and her young mama. Baby smiled, gurgled, and, between breast-feeding seemingly chanted along. 

We sang “I am the Light of the Soul. I am Bountiful. I am Beautiful. I am Bliss. I am. I am.” I would like to pass this affirmation on to all women to remind themselves we must never take ourselves for granted, we are loved and we most certainly are bliss! Well, on a good day! Aloha!!! 

– Erica Snowlake

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