April 2008 – How Do You Define Safe And Secure?

* Murder on the Beach – The cold-blooded murder of Nathan Alan Morgan and his dog was captured on video. Page 1
* LAPD Raids in Oakwood – Are Venetians safe in their own homes? See Letters, page 2 and Racial Dreams and Nightmares. Page 5

* Unsolved Murders – How many more people have been murdered in Venice? Locals say lots, police say one.

* Eviction of Renters – The ongoing saga of Lincoln Place. Page 3

* No Tsunami Preparedness – Bill Rosendahl, where’s our evacuation route and warning signs?

* Sleepers Harassed in their RVs – That knock on the camper door in the middle of the night might be the LAPD or an irate homeowner with a club. Page 2.

* Adverse Control by Another City – Will Los Angeles’ misrule of Venice never stop? How about Venice police to protect us?

* Serial Killing of Trees – Global warming and shade be damned, we’re cutting down these trees because we can. Page 4