April 2008 – Murder On The Beach; Killers Still At Large

By Karl Abrams

The body of brutally beaten 25-year old Nathan Alan Morgan was discovered on March 9. The victim’s body was found partially buried in the sand on the beach near Ocean Front Walk and Breeze Avenue.

Some sources told the Beachhead that the murder was followed by what was described as a Satanic ritual. Police officials said that Morgan had been beaten to death and then dragged to the burial site. 

Nathan Morgan was much loved by his family back in Toledo, Ohio. He was a free spirited young man who had many friends who admired his love of adventure and travel. His favorite places were the west coast mountain trails and the lingering beauty of a Venice beach sunset. 

He loved the outdoors and especially loved to ride three and four wheeler vehicles. According to his parents, Nathan used to say that “life is what you make of it” and that a person’s attitude to life “can make or break you.”

His funeral services were held on March 21, at the Swan Creek Community Church in Toledo. 

The Los Angeles Police Department homicide detectives are asking for the public’s help in this murder investigation. 

Councilperson Bill Rosendahl has asked the L.A. City Council to offer a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the “identification, apprehension, and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Morgan’s death.” 

According to Rosendahl’s council motion, the LAPD determined that Morgan was “sexually assaulted and beaten to death by several men.” The Motion goes on to state that such murderers must be apprehended as they could “terrorize and present a continuing and immediate menace” to the community. 

Information about the case may be directed to LAPD Pacific Area Homicide, 310-482-6316 or Pacific Area Detectives, 310-482-6313. 

Morgan, who was wanted in Indiana for parole violation, came to Venice for a vacation and the fun of sleeping on the beach. It was there that he apparently interacted with some dangerous people who ended his life.

Detective Joe Lumbreras, LAPD homicide division, told the Beachhead that Morgan was considered homeless. Lumbreras said that he suspected Morgan may have had a drug problem and that a suspect is at the center of intense investigation.

Lumbreras claimed that he was unaware of a video tape. Sources told the Beachhead that there is a video tape of the murder.

According to one source who said he viewed the video, more than one person was involved in the slaying and there were six witnesses who did nothing to stop the murder. 

The video is also said to show that Morgan’s neck was possibly broken and that some of the bystanders were cheering on the murder. Morgan’s dog was killed by cutting its throat and the blood was then used in a Satanic ritual.

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