May 2008 – Jingles Celebrates 34 Years Of Free Speech On Ocean Front Walk

Jingles brought his message that “Meat Is Murder” and his advocacy of a vegan lifestyle to the Boardwalk in 1974.
Since then, he has talked to countless people, convincing some to treat animals with respect, and not eat them. “Young people and women are the most receptive to something new,” says Jingles, who was holding forth at his Boardwalk birthday party, April 27. 

Jingles grew up as an average meat-eating kid in New York. But once, he went to a plant were animals were slaughtered. The experience was reinforced at a chicken killing plant. He’s been dedicated to a vegetarianism ever since.

After 34 years on the Boardwalk, Jingles should feel secure, but he doesn’t. “There’s no such thing as seniority out here,” he says. “I have to compete with newcomers for a spot.

Jingles has nothing good to say about the new ordinance which will be imposed on OFW in May. “Free speech advocates got the short end,” he says. “There are only eight spots for free speech, plus two more for free food. Performers and vendors get the rest. In fact, the free speech booths (8’x10’) are next to performers, meaning access to his booth will be cut off for much of the day.

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