May 2008 – $50,000 Reward Offered For Information On Murder On The Beach

Murderer Still at Large

By Karl Abrams

A $50,000 reward for information on the murder of Nathan Alan Morgan is now in force. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s motion for the reward was endorsed by the L.A. City Council in April.

The brutal murder of Nathan Alan Morgan on March 9 near Ocean Front Walk has not been forgotten in Venice.

The Beachhead has recently viewed a videotape caught by a surveillance camera at the Fenmar Apartments near the murder scene. The grainy video, recorded around 11pm, shows a man brutally beating another man who lies on the walk. As the beating progresses, at least five other figures run up and watch. Two of them appear to be women.

LAPD Detective Joe Lumbreras is not sure if video is, in fact, a depiction of the murder. He told the Beachhead that the tape may be just another random beating on the boardwalk, and not related to Morgan’s murder.

This seems somewhat improbable. The coincidence of Morgan’s murder and the beating depicted in the tape at virtually the same time and place, makes it seem that the tape should not be too easily dismissed as evidence.

Detective Lumbreras said one person had been detained for questioning. That person has since been released.

Meanwhile, at least three shots rang out on the beach on the evening of April 24, prompting calls to the Beachhead, and presumably to the police, from already jittery residents.

Anyone with information on this brutal murder should call Detective Lumbreras at 310-482-6313.

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