Human Rights/Constitution

May 2008 – Constitution Amended: Shopping Replaces Free Speech

Now you can shop “without feeling any guilt whatsoever.”
Sign at Trader Joe’s, Palms and Sepulveda:
“Your Right to Distraction-Free Shopping
Out of respect to our customers, Trader Joe’s does not permit any solicitation at or near the front of our stores, regardless of the issue.
Please feel free to ignore anyone with a clipboard or cheap folding table, without feeling any guilt whatsoever. For more info, please talk to one of our Crewmembers.”

Apparently, the German owners of the $5 billion corporation have gotten a little ahead of themselves in remaking the U.S. as an authoritarian state.

No response yet from the American Civil Liberties Union, which frequently solicited memberships in front of the store at Palms and Sepulveda. Hopefully, the new Venice store will be more considerate of our rights.

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