May 2008 – Letter From Hawai’i

Aloha Venetians from your roving butterfly. I’ve learned a lot in the past four months living on the Big island of Hawai’i.
And I mean Living, this Pleiadian starchild knows her roots. Leave a Darwinian Lemuria to the Lemurs, this here is the Motherland of MU. And as ascended masters on Mt. Shasta will concur, California as well is a drifted chunk off the ancient StarBuilder’s Homeland Sanctuary.

Well I’ve had my hands deep in the belly of the earth, not so steamy as in the molten source of Pele’s tears, but I’ve been pulling taro, Hawai’ian kalo, from stream fed ponds in the sacred heart of Waipio Valley, where eons ago now extinct tropical birds first welcomed Polynesian outrigger canoes navigating by Arcturus, or Holekule’a, the Star of Gladness. This incarnation’s arrival on a now defunct airline, (gas prices, who’s huffing?), landed me in a heated G.M.O. debate, some corporate-minded scientists at the University of Hilo having the audacity to suggest genetically engineering kalo, one of the strongest plants in Creation and along with fresh fish, sweet potato, coconut, bananas, and seaweed, the foundation of hawai’ian agriculture, just to, you know, own some gene patents/stock for the future. This trip I became even more aware of the ongoing effects of the Conquest, the Invasion, Contact, the Genocide, if you may, and what the Hawai’ian peoples have had to suffer to keep their culture alive, going from a population numbering in the hundred of thousands to under 5,000 today. Yes, I learned the sorrowful details of the 1893 Overthrow of the Monarchy under Queen Lili ‘uokalani, as the corporate masters of the day, including good ol’ Sanford B. Dole, destroyed a flourishing ingenious agricultural system worthy of the gods and goddesses, flexing military might to dispose the Queen and establish superfiendish sugarcane and pineapple plantations and devastating cattle ranches island wide. Of course, the wholesale deforestation of her fragrant sandalwood trees was the first intentional blow…….I remember, and I cry for the forests of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, home to the Goddess of Hula, Laka, beloved sister of Pele. My admiration for Hula is boundless, an oral tradition of the tribe’s evolving art, music, dance, and storytelling all woven as reverent prayer, a potent invocation to and from thee above, sacred knowledge in the key of How to Live as a Soul in a human form. Hollywood’s demeaning version of the Hula and the capitalization of everything “Hawai’Ian” leading up to today’s resort mentality is another example of corporate beastiality.

Another recent controversy is the flying of test C-17s in a flight pattern 300 feet over the entire island. People living below, are just civilians in an ongoing war to them, with as much rights as the next freestanding target practice. The people do have a voice, however, and one hears many strange prophecies in the wind. There is a magic mana of instant wish manifestation at play, if your desires are aligned with the will of Creation Love. Give it some thought, indeed.

Hawai’i is very nearly Heaven. And some say where “God” will come down and draw the line. I adore being part of this Great Mystery, so close. I’ve seen and heard things beyond my wildest dreams… camping on Mahu-Kona, in February, I awoke to the roaring of humpback whales only yards from shore. A yawing of soul rendering proportions, I assure you. Aren’t we all just floating on the gracious back of mama honu, the sea turtle of cosmic eternity? Doesn’t the rainbow guru in the clouds appear to show us we are all One, and fade to remind us of our fragility!!!

The rainbow children of Hawai’i are as diverse as the exotic fruits I’ve tasted here – mangosteen (the queen of all fruits), durian, longan (dragon’s eye), chocolate sapote, soursop, poha berries, and my fave, cacao. I’ve cracked open the wild red bulbous seed pods of cacao to suck the nectariffic sweetness around the medicinally bitter purple bean. I’ve also harvested coffee cherries, sucked their sweetness, removed the parchment covering, and roasted the bean in a corn popper for my own delicious cup of brew!

Attending a benefit for the Farmer’s Union the other night, we munched organic micro greens before viewing Roundup Ready Nation, a film charting Monsanto’s history as Contaminator’s of the Free World, and, sadly, our hopes for the future. From enlightened scientists testimonies we realized the genes inherent in genetically modified foods attach to our already fully viable genes and, shall we say, bluntly, attack them into unrecognizable chaotic disorders, (i.e. cancer, diabetes, immune deficiency). Hawai’i, like Cuba, can lead the way in the revolutionary move to organic sustainability, with an island’s unique perspectives on vulnerability, as the metaphor holds, we are none of us islands, there is no separation in what we do to one another and our home. The key to sovereignty, true independence, is sustainability, and that is precisely why the oppressors attack food systems of the people to subjugate them, recall the buffalo slaughters, anyone?

Hawai’i is seeded with the key starpower/ people’s solution to free ourselves from this impending doom. It is called Aloha Spirit, quite simply caring about others as much as we care about ourselves, and sharing all resources with care. We must heal the heart of the corporate psychopath now, by replacing its insane emotions of greed and power with true Aloha and Malama ‘Aina, love for the land. Be careful of what you are wishing for.

–Erica Snowlake

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