May 2008 – Results Of The Beachhead Poll

“Do You Feel Safe In Venice”
77 percent of respondents said, Yes, they feel safe in Venice. 22 percent said they didn’t.
Some of your comments included:
– I do not at any ground where satanic ritual murder rape of men and killing of dogs occur !
– Because the police are doing their job.
– I feel safer now than when I moved here 16 years ago or when I came here as a kid.
– Do you remember it 20 years ago???Please!
– I see too many people affected by random violence in the neighborhood
– If you are smart.
– The houses in the neighborhoods are improving but there is still so much dangerous foot traffic!!!
– your community looks out for you.
– I feel safe in Venice because I know so many members of the community on a first-name basis.
– too many drug addicts and homeless!
– Have walked the streets in all ‘districts’ for 19 years, and loved meeting neighbors
– in certain neighborhoods, no in others
– It’s not safe for the homeless, the RVs, renters, artists and others who are living on the edge.
– but cautious…
– and no. It depends on who you are. If you are homeless or a black kid in Oakwood, then no.

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