May 2008 – The Fifth Of May Around The World

Most people in Southern California relate the 5th of May to Cinco de Mayo. True, but Cinco de Mayo is not the only holiday celebrated on May 5th around the world.
In Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Korea it is children’s day. The date is reserved for many cultural celebrations. In western Europe there is the celebration of May pole. People make a community fair,and dance around a pole, as the wrap beautiful ribbons around the pole. Here in the Southwest of the USA we celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a cultural holiday also. It reminds us of a famous battle which took place on this date in 1862.

A French army invaded Mexico by surprise. The people rose up in a civil militia and helped to defeat the French attack on the town of Puebla. It was the first time the French army had been defeated in 50 years. Today it is a day to celebrate culture and history with family and friends. A day to enjoy music, dance,food and art for everyone around the world.

Feliz 5 de Mayo!

–Maria Elena Montano

Categories: History, International