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By X Swami X
Most everyone is looking in the least challenging, exciting and promising direction. Everyone, with the exception of George Wash Out Bush Whacker is looking for genuine meaning,on-going ecstasy and total fulfillment.
Down thru the ages, wise man and women, at the risk, and often sacrifice, of their own lives, have pointed to that promising direction. Who listens? How many, that you think you know, do? Have I made my point? I’m not sure there is one,which brings us back to genuine meaning, on-going ecstasy and total fulfillment. Sometimes tragedy, suffering and loss will turn one in the direction of meaning, ecstasy and fulfillment, however, not always, but we still have daytime television.

Life is a see-saw, the trick is to put your ass dead center and maintain perfect balance, until the Blue Bird lands and pecks down to the pineal glad and reveals Larry King having a fascinating conversation with Paris Hilton’s naked but/and eloquent grandmother.

A lot of people deny God with the consciousness that is God. How about that? The Hindus, who have been around for a while, believe that every man, woman and child is their own unique religion. It’s all connected, but they’re not sure who Paris Hilton and her grandmother are, nevertheless 85% of them eagerly approve of porn.

If God is God, there is not real beginning and there will be no real end. This is a challenging concept for those entertaining images of Larry King luring Paris Hilton’s grandmother, naked and eloquent, into his dressing room, while she simultaneously attempts to entertain him with her version of Charleston, inspired by 10 pounds of magic mushrooms.

In any event, I would love to reassure you that there is genuine meaning, on-going ecstasy and total fulfillment, but I can’t, however, I am laying 8 to 5 on it.

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