June 2008 – Letters

•  Wants Beachhead Sustainer – Karen Reeves
•  Crime Scam
•  Renovations – Ida Lee

Wants Beachhead Sustainer

Dear Peaceful Persons at the Venice Beachhead,

Hi! I would like to become a sustainer of my favorite newspaper and receive the fringe benefits. I’d like to advertise my child care business, “Karen’s Kare” for four issues as mentioned in the sustainee offer.

I’d like to tell you a little about myself: I’m Karen (Preston) Reeves and I had the amazing job of going to the beach in the early seventies to work at the Venice Beach Playground, (next to the seniors card room and the Meatless Messhall). I was the Recreation Leader. I’d already worked with five year olds up to teenagers for the city of Torrance and Culver City and the Westchester YMCA, but this was especially sweet for me being connected to a regular little community of mothers and their preschoolers and their dogs too!

At that time Ida Finhandler was a Venetian regular with her son, Freddy, and her grandsons. She took me under her wings and mentored me in many of her loving ways. Then in 1974, I moved from Venice to Mar Vista, (at Rose and Cabrillo), and have been blessed with my own successful family child care business ever since!

Now is the season of children graduating and going on to their next adventure, and I’m in the market for little people, at least 20 months old and preferably on a part-time schedule during the week. Email me at: melek@earthlink.net or call me at 310 390-4589.

Thank-you for your time and for the ever-enlightening Beachhead!

Peace and Love,

Karen Reeves


Crime Scam

Dear Beachhead,

I am sure your readers would like to know that there is a scam going on in the Venice area where a man will run up to your car and tell you that you hit his bumper.  He seems to have a friend who saw you do this. When asked to produce the person, he is unwilling to do so.  If you want to call the police he backs off.

I had this happen to me and several of my neighbors. Please do not use my name and/or e-mail.   



Twenty-plus years I have lived in “A” building.

Management and/or ownership announced changes. No more roof leakage into third floor apartments. New look was needed.

New look

Luscious thorn tree shaded my patio from strong summer sun.

Sawed down

House wrens and squirrels lost their favorite play place where they amused me.


Doves had searched there for safe spring nesting.

Found hanging patio plant the best place.

That too was soon eliminated

New look

Cactus plants I planted and watched grow to protect me from summer heat.

Sawed down

Apartment window enlarged, floor to ceiling eliminated wall space. New wall space needed for large antique armoire.

New look

My patio furniture and decorations were taken
to company storage.

New regulations

Many months later I was not allowed my annual lease which I’d had for twenty-plus years, only given a six months lease.

New regulations

No more hanging plants on patio. No more paintings on patio. Only patio furniture and 


New look

Many months later my patio belongings, minus a few plants, pots and decorations were brought back. I got notification that some furniture candles and decorations had to be removed from patio. New regulations were in effect.

New regulations

Couch I had put on patio awaiting sale, I had removed according to date demanded. New notice arrived Friday night under my door. Yesterday, Monday, was the deadline to escape legal council being called in on the case. Saturday at 9AM I called for help. Was told it was impossible. Only one person available. Possibly on Sunday. No call on Sunday. My long time friends were Sunday dinner guests and earthly angels. They insisted on giving me last minute rescue. High moguls notified early on Monday, I asked for inspection to stop new notices from the law!

             –Ida Lee – age 88

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