Ocean Front Walk

June 2008 – Ocean Front Walk Sliced And Diced

The new Ordinance was slated to go into effect on May 30.

It divides the Boardwalk into P Zones, I Zones and Free Speech areas.

The 105 booths of the P Zone are to “perform, engage in

traditional expressive speech, and petitioning activities, and vend the

following expressive items: newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, bumper

stickers, patches, or buttons, or books created by the vendor.” Ten of the booths are for free speech activities that do not include vending, of which two booths are set aside for free food distributions.

The 100 booths of the I Zone are more traditional vending, provided the item is “created, written, or composed by the vendor, or expressive items inextricably

intertwined with the message of the person vending the items.

The ordinance also regulates “noise” levels. Amplified sound is only allowed in  designated parts of the P Zone (see diagram).

Any “noise,” probably “music” can be no louder than 75 decibels, 25 feet from the source, or 96 decibels at one foot from the source.

It should make for an interesting summer!

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