Swami X

June 2008 – Swami X Speaks

By X Swami X

Did we fall, were we pushed or did we jump. Am I. I am that I am, a soul, a heel or a chump.

Is it reality, a dream or a game; and if so, whose got all the trumps.

Cleopatra whispered seductively and mischievously to Caesar, “What I love about Marc, and the camels, is the humps” (One of my favs. Interesting how language changes). 

Humanity’s greatest difficulty is failed creativity. Creativity is the secret ingredient of Divinity. Divinity is the essential nature of humanity. Humanity’s greatest challenge is actualizing their creativity (Something to contemplate when TV loses its allure).

God is Love, and Love lives in the compassionate heart of a whore. God is Truth, and Truth can bop from the chops of a comedian, putting people on the floor. God is Beauty, and She is filling the earth with that Beauty more and more and more. God is here and beyond, and your mind, heart, and hands are the windows, light, and door. (An atheist is someone who is lost and desperately demanding direction. God bless, and be amused by them).

There are just different levels of absurdity, you know. We’re all absurd in someone’s eyes.

So, lo and behold yourself in a million different guises; until the soul  within  ascends, rises, and ends its anguished ordeal; that long, dark nite and comes face to face  with God and is lost, and found, in Light (Cute and philosophically valid). Of course, God is just a three-letter word, or dog spelled backwards. How about Light-Life-Love, that is everywhere in everything; onwards, inwards, and upwards. One may deny everything; but one’s own existence; and LIght-Life-Love have their own complete, endless, compassionate insistence (I don’t know, I guess I’m just philosophically compulsive).

Staying in one’s moment is to meditate all the time. Here I go again, on my merry way to compose another rhyme. A beautiful, mystical exercise is to perceive in everything, the ever-lasting, loving trine. It goes on forever; so there is always another line (I think we might have something here).

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