August 2008 – Brooks Avenue Neighbors Fight Subdivision

By Amanda Renner

Neighbors on Brooks Avenue have banded together to fight a new development proposed to be built at 720 Brooks Avenue.

Nathalie Godts said the two structures would consist of single family residencies, built with two inches between the buildings, standing about 30 feet high and stretching from one end of the property to the other.

This is part of the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, which was created to supply more affordable housing opportunities in Los Angeles.

Although the Neighborhood Council’s Land Use and Planning Committee policy statement on massing, scale and mansionization states that any new development projects will try to accommodate neighborhood concerns, the neighbors fear how the project will affect the future of the street.

“If this would go through, it would set a precedent for more to come,” Godts said.

In an effort to stop the project, Godts, along with several other neighbors, have dedicated a countless amount of time and energy to file appeals and attend neighborhood council meetings as well as public hearings.

Godts took pictures of every house on the street and put them in chronological order to show the difference in size among the houses already occupying the street and the proposed building.

The final appeal will be August 6 at 4:30 pm in the Henry Medina Parking Enforcement Building at 11214 W. Exposition Blvd.

The residents of Brooks Avenue ask that fellow Venetians come to support their neighbors and prevent similar developments from being built in the future.