August 2008 – It’s Spy Cameras vs. Street Dealers in Oakwood

By Ingrid Boon

I was recently at a private event where I heard that someone had donated a large amount of money to a certain area of Venice – Oakwood to be specific – to install cameras in strategic places in order to be able to identify sellers and buyers of drugs. I believe they may already have been installed. 

It seems that London was used as an example and that many cameras have already been installed in selected areas. The cameras are allegedly equipped with infrared in order to photograph during those busy morning hours and are placed in unobtrusive places. In time, with the help of the LAPD Pacific Division, the sellers, many of whom live in the neighborhood, will be arrested and jailed and the license plate numbers of the buyers will be recorded and they will eventually be arrested as well. In essence it is like the prostitution stings that many cities have employed, busting the prostitutes and the “Johns.”

The following are some webcam samples from London. Most are geared towards tourism but the actual reason, so I have been told by some of my English friends, is to circumvent terrorism and to be able to see what folks are really up to. Looks to me like we have it “going on” in an attempt to eradicate the sellers of drugs in Oakwood.