August 2008 – Letters

• Big Daddy – Larry Parker
• RVs – A Sad Story – Ita Kreft


Big Daddy

Dear Beachhead,

We would like to become sustainers to the Beachhead in the name of Big Daddy’s & Sons. We operate our local business at Ocean Front Walk and Market St. We’re also involved in the community, especially in supporting activities at Venice High.

As a service to the community, we accept EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) at Big Daddy’s. EBTs are debit cards for food stamps and cash benefits.

My wife Debbie and I love your paper. We think you represent Venice well. The longer we are in Venice the more appreciation I have for everything about it. 

Please let your readers know that they can pick up the latest Beachhead at Big Daddy’s.

Larry Parker


RVs – A Sad Story

I’ve lived in Venice since 1992. An article in the L.A. Times “Mellow coastal enclave fed up with RV glut” made me very uneasy. I lived most of my life in The Netherlands. People and governments in Europe are more people oriented than in the USA. People in Europe have also a memory and a history. I learned as a child that the gypsies were people that did not belong anywhere. They were chased away from every place in every country on the continent. They did not pay taxes and they lived on the streets and the lands paid by the citizens. Therefore they had no rights. In World War II they mostly ended up in concentration camps.

I think that the L.A. Times article brought up these stories from my youth. Today was the day that I read the story of the American gypsies: the homeless (who soil OUR streets and pay NO TAXES). I heard the sentiment :”Let them go to the next town.” And the next town and the next town. Is that a solution? Also familiar to the gypsy stories were the blaming of the homeless for filth and noise. Blaming all homeless for the behavior of some is per definition DISCRIMINATION. Not all homeless are loud and filthy, as not all women are emotional unstable and weak (I am a woman). Shameful that LA article.

I do not want to go into the politics of a capitalistic country where dollars count more than people. We in venice are better than that. We should be different and behave better than the rest. If it is bothersome that people live on the street why not take all our energy (like the energy of writing an article in the L.A. Times) for trying to find a solution. A solution unique for our community This is what I heard: in Playa del Rey is a motor home campground – Dockweiler – where people can stay for less than $30 per night. 

We can build a camp for the homeless (and for our own happiness). If Playa del Rey can do it for those with the money, maybe we can do it for the poor. This way “not in my backyard” is replaced by responsible citizenship where we adopt the homeless as equal citizens and people like we are. Thank you for listening. My question: What can I do? Where can I go?                                

Ita Kreft

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