September 2008 – Letters

• More on Spy Cameras – Anonymous 
• Long Live Poets! – Krista Schwimmer
• We Are All “Arch” Conservatives – DeDe Audet


More on Spy Cameras

Dear Beachhead,

I noticed your first page article, written by Ingrid Boon and felt I needed to add to what she wrote. I have known about the cameras for quite some time now, and was surprised to see it “outed,” even though I have seen signs posted locally. Frankly, I perceived them as a warning to dealers. 

A couple of folks I have spoken to, told me that cameras had already been placed on several corners, for some time now and some had been placed mid block on designated streets, as well. I understand, more will be added over time in places they see fit. Word has it that people are working on identifying some of the people selling and buying drugs on already recorded data.



Long Live Poets!

Dear Beachhead,

Once again, I enjoyed your recent newspaper. I particularly found the story about the Venice Car Wash workers informative, as well as the tale of the Beachhead’s beginning. 

Being a poet myself, I always enjoy the poetry sections and really am impressed at how much room you give to poets and poetry. I never knew Philomene, but was very glad to discover her through your newspaper (Definitely liked the poem, “Philomene and The Lady”). 

Long live poets!

Krista Schwimmer


We Are All “Arch” Conservatives

Dear Beachhead, 

I understand that architect Eric Owen Moss designed a 65 foot tall building for a corner of Venice and Lincoln. Regarding the project, via several emails, Laura Silagi calls attention to a statement made by this prominent architect. Mr. Moss says that the way to circumvent the NIMBYism of neighborhood activists is to call them “arch conservatives.”

Some of my neighbors might be a bit put off by being called either a NIMBYist or an arch conservative. But I believe that many persons in Venice, CA will wear the badge of “arch conservative” with honor.

The arches of Venice, CA are world famous—the centerpiece and soul of our community And it’s nice to hear that architect Moss is calling attention to our local architecture. So let it not be said that Mr. Moss’ reminder falls on deaf ears.

Because the arches of Venice on Windward, inspired by Abbot Kinney, our founder, are so remarkable and so well known, it is appropriate to honor this feature of local architecture by convening the neighborhood arch conservatives. 

Not, of course, to compare with other famous arches built or inspired by one person such as the Arch of Constantine in Rome and Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Or nature’s arches such as Delicate Arch of the Utah desert.

 What could be wrong in honoring our own arches? These arches here may not be so grand. Yet there are certainly more arches in one place in Venice, CA than in any other tourist destination. Well, maybe not more than in Venice, Italy. But who wants to quibble?

And what could be more fitting than to invite Mr. Moss to the inaugural event of the Arch Conservatives of Venice, CA? He can give us pointers on more ways to circumvent NIMBYism or, perhaps, bring more and more NIMBYists into the reality of Arch Conservatism.

I look forward to such an event.

Venice has had plenty of name-calling episodes as the community struggles to respond to new ideas without losing the community. I recall a time when all the kids came home from San Francisco and told us to respond to criticism with love. Let’s give our critics some arch love. 

DeDe Audet

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