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IN BRIEF: Change Your Eating Habits

At last! Desert on Abbot Kinney that you can enjoy without a guilty conscious. N’ice Cream – organic gelato – held a grand opening celebration, Sept. 27, with a line down the block waiting to get in. The best news is that the locally-owned store is conveniently located next to the chain-store, Pinkberry, across the street from Abbot’s Habit.

Unfortunately, two great eateries have closed their doors this month. Stroh’s Deli at 1239 Abbot Kinney Blvd. fell victim to rising rents. One AKB merchant said her rent is raised $500 per month every year. Sounds like an invitation to chain stores. Who else  can afford those rents?

Also closing was La Fiesta, purveyor of fine Mexican foods, at Windward and Pacific. Rents are also a problem in this part of town, not to mention the arrival of a chain Mexican restaurant across the street.

Stroh’s is being replaced by J’s Kitchen, which bills itself as an “all organic vegan macrobiotic way of eating.” 

And, Eko Zone, a new vegan store, will celebrate its grand opening with a special event on October 10. It will be located at 1718 Main St. #1. Eko Zone sells vegan clothing, shoes, accessories, and bodycare items.

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