Memories of Venice, 1956

I am 8yrs old.Mom moved to Venice in the 50’s. Sleeping in sandy beds of the children of Beatnik poets and artist. Waking in the middle of the night to the artist peeing on his painting and the couch I am sleeping on. Larry Lipton and his wife Netty hosting. Big Daddy and the Gas House with a bathtub in the middle of the studio. I sat in and thought it was funny. Main Street sunlight mission, the 5 and dime, Safeway, a gas station on the corner of main and Ocean Park Blvd. Olivia’s Soul food. Later Mom worked the Muffin Pan Game at P.O.P. I got in free. Spying on prostitutes and winos flashing on speedway. Don’t go to the canals the Hells Angeles are there. The Venture Inn and Saucy Dog are where they hang out. Fond memories.

– Christine Fulbright

Categories: History