The 26th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival

Tens of thousands attended the Abbot Kinney Festival, Sunday, Sept. 28. 

It started slowly, with crews of workman frantically erecting the mandated fire resistant tents on each side of Abbot Kinney Blvd. Instead of one long line of tents down the middle of the street, the Fire Department insisted on a wide fire lane, making it necessary to have the hundreds of booths set up near the sidewalks.

Once the fog burned off around 2pm, people began to flock to the festival, filling the broad street “bumper to bumper.”

Musicians performed at three stages and Inside Out Arts set up a Youth and Family Courtyard.

When the Festival ended at 6:30pm, vendors took down their displays and headed home. The process of taking down the tents took a much longer time and created a party atmosphere that lasted until 9:30pm, when tragedy struck (see page one). Adam Pacheco was gunned down in an apparently unprovoked shooting outside The Otheroom on Abbot Kinney. 

More than 100,000 people enjoyed themselves and had a great time, while one person decided to take a life and run away.

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