Vote for Cynthia McKinney

By Mark Lipman

How lucky we are to be in California. While states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are forced to fight it out between the lesser of two evils, between one, who will give us total nuclear war and the other, who will give us a kinder, gentler war without end, while both will continue to cater to Wall Street in their own particular fashions, we here in California actually are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make our votes count for something, something more than just the latest fad.

We have the chance to vote based on our moral beliefs; on who stands by us on the issues. We get the rare opportunity to cast a vote for the greater good.  The only question is which one?  McKinney or Nader?

Oh, how I wish they were on the same ticket – in either order.

While Nader has been a lifelong champion of consumer rights, McKinney has a lifelong political record of doing the right thing.  Ralph Nader has been right all along and so too has Cynthia McKinney.  Nader founded the Green Party and McKinney is their candidate.  In the end, that is what it comes down to.

Ralph Nader, for all he has done for this country, has forgotten the most essential thing – when to step aside to let the next generation take up the reins.

Instead of working together to unify the left, something this country desperately needs, we’re stuck with a split vote between two great candidates.

Cynthia McKinney is of the future, Ralph Nader is of the past.  McKinney is working to build the Green Party into a major party that can pose itself as a serious opposition party to both the democrats and republicans.  Nader, as much as I respect him; as much as he has done for all of us, is working for himself.

That’s the difference.  As an independent, thinking of what is best for the future of this country, I am left with only one choice – Cynthia McKinney.

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