Tenants/Lincoln Place

What’s Cookin’ At Lincoln Place – We’re Not Dead Yet!

By C.V. Beck

Here at Lincoln Place we residents who remain continue to be treated as if we are invisible and/or gone already.  This is quite a blow to our self-esteem, this being treated as though we are already dead and gone, when we are not.  We are still alive,actively living our lives in Venice, Bohemian artistic showplace of the western edge, in case this has slipped your mind.

Both sides “talked” in mid-September, apparently, AIMCO is still greedy as ever. Therefore, both sides will be proceeding with discovery and ensuing motions. The cases of the “locked-out” residents are being transferred from evictions court to the complex court where the damages suit is being heard.  Our attorneys are working very hard to get the “locked-out” residents restored to their legal apartments here.

A few weeks ago, more signs reappeared on Penmar Avenue, apparently in response to a plethora of dogwalkers who had very aggressively seized upon this opportunity not to have to clean up after their pet companions.  There were five signs, all saying “Private Property – No Trespassing – Violators will be prosecuted” and at least 3 security guards along the row who continue to tell passersbys that “no one lives here.” According to one resident, the postal workers and Fedex are still being told that “no one lives here;” and this person’s mail continues not to be delivered or picked up, timely.   

One day in September, I was awakened to the sweet sound of power equipment at 7am. When I went to look, barefoot and with a camera in my hands, I saw several tree trimming trucks and storage bins, which had magically appeared all along Elkgrove Avenue. A good sized crew was pruning and trimming up in the trees.  One of my neighbors spoke with the crew leader who said they were contracted by the city to perform 20 percent trimming and pruning of neglected trees at Lincoln Place, around the vacant units only, and that they would be there for one week.  My neighbor was told not to take pictures of the crew or of the crew leader or the trucks…. small flags have appeared around the sprinkler heads throughout the complex, of various colors, some of which say “John Deere Landscape.”

Sept. 28, at the Beachhead booth at the Abbot Kinney Street Festival, a man came up to me, saying that it was because of the Beachhead that he had decided to become an artist and was now living in Santa Monica.  He said that Venice was too expensive, that he used to live at Lincoln Place, on Elkgrove and that (he believed) almost all of the buildings here have been torn down.  I explained to him that people still live here, that 52 buildings are still intact and that the locked out residents will be returning first. He did not seem to hear me.

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