An Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Congratulations on your victory. While the final results are not yet in, we’re confident that your winning percentage in Venice will be in the 70-80 percent range.

The Beachhead was impressed by your many statements that the country cannot afford four more years of George Bush’s policies. 

We have hope that you mean this, and will move swiftly to reverse the harmful changes made by your predecessor. Foremost among these are the Patriot Act, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the denial of habeas corpus (a right that is much older than this country), torture, denial of other basic rights to the accused, the Guantánamo prison camp, and wiretapping of American citizens.

If the terrorists have as one of their goals the erosion of liberal democratic values in America, then they have been successful for the past seven years, with George W. Bush’s help. We sincerely hope that the Obama administration will be characterized by the reversal of Bush’s authoritarianism and the expansion of our democratic rights.

As you know, the Bush regime’s policies toward the environment have put our entire planet at risk. Your administration must take immediate and decisive steps to limiting the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as well as instituting pollution controls that will return the oceans to good health. A major ingredient is a focus on clean energy, particularly solar and wind power. There is no such thing as “clean coal” or “safe” nuclear energy. Open pit coal mining will destroy even more of the ecology of entire states, and there is no solution to the problem of radioactive waste from nuclear reactors.

Our cities are in a shambles after the past eight years. There is no excuse for allowing millions to be homeless, and often, hungry. Millions more are on the verge of becoming homeless due to the current economic crisis. Coming into office, you will have at your disposal at least $300 billion from the recent “bailout” bill. Please direct this toward emergency aid for those most in need. The wealthy on Wall Street can take care of themselves. 

Your election campaign has given hope to millions who were hopeless. We trust that your first 100 days in office will confirm the trust the American people have bestowed in you.


–The Beachhead Collective

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