Enough is Enough

By Mark Lipman

Money is an illusion. Nothing has proven this more than the recent Wall Street bailout of more than $800,000,000,000. This is money that doesn’t exist, yet there it is as soon as the string pullers want it to be. 

Money is basically a tool used by those in power to keep the rest of us in debt and subjugated for the rest of our lives. It is a way of hoarding and limiting the available resources to enslave an entire population. At the very base of it all, money and debt is the joke that has been pulled on us.

In and of itself, money is worthless. You can not eat it, or live in it. You can not clothe yourself in it (unless you are being very original). It can not make you well if you are sick and it can not educate you. Money alone has no purpose at all. At best you can wipe yourself with it after going to the toilet.

What is real is the food on the market shelf and the roof over your head. Real is the knowledge in books and the warmth of your bed. It is the medicine you take when you are ill and the sweat on your brow from the work you perform.

The tangible resources that are available here and now are the only things that are real – the rest is just a fantasy that we have all bought into.

Yet, that is the problem – we have bought into it. No matter how much the bankers say we owe, they can not stop the sun from rising the next day. The moment we reject their monetary system we win.

The government may say there is no money, but that does not deny the fact that the very real resources that we need to improve our lives exist in plenty. Resources abound. It is just a matter of making proper use of them.

You want a solution to the economic crisis – it’s simple and can be done in one day. It’s called Total Debt Forgiveness. You just push the reset button to zero and wipe out all debt in one fell swoop – Global Economic Amnesty. I don’t owe you, you don’t owe me and no one owes anyone a thing – your house, your apartment, wherever you live – it’s yours and if you don’t have a place to live then you move into what ever house is boarded up – and there’s a lot of them around – and that’s that. Zero homelessness in one day.

Screw the banks. Why not? They’ve done everything they can to screw us, so screw them. Screw the banks and the bankers to hell.

It’s that easy.

Then we can look seriously at what physical resources we have and start repairing our community, our country and our planet – not in 2020, not in 2050, but right now today.

We have everything we need at our fingertips and the only thing that is stopping us is fear.

It is time to stop being afraid and to start taking responsibility – personal, individual responsibility for fixing the mess our world is in.

It is time for the people of the world to unite. It is time to say enough is enough – enough hatred, enough greed, enough fear. It is time for us to grow up and put the petty nonsense aside.

The time is now – what are we waiting for? Either we stand up and live on our feet, or we kneel down and die on our knees. For those who would rather grovel and kneel, all I can say is no thank you – not me. Life is too short and there is far too much yet to be done to waste another minute.

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