Suspect Arrested in Ocean Front Walk Murder Case of Nathan Moore

By Karl Abrams

The Beachhead has learned from several detectives of the LAPD Homicide Division that a suspect in the unsolved murder of 25-year-old Nathan Alan Morgan has been arrested and is being held in a Pennsylvania jail on lesser charges. Morgan had been brutally beaten on March 9, 2008 and was discovered partially buried in the sand near Ocean Front Walk and Breeze Avenue. (See April ‘08 Beachhead, page 1.)

Councilperson Bill Rosendahl was successful in getting the L.A. City Council to offer a reward of $50,000 to apprehend the murderer(s). The L.A. County District Attorney has been slowly gathering information and now appears ready to charge the suspect with murder. If this information had not been gathered in a timely manner, it would have been likely that the suspect might have been released from jail on lesser charges before a murder indictment could be formalized. 

Any additional information about the case may be directed to LAPD Pacific Area Homicide, 310-482-6316 or Pacific Area Detectives, 310-482-6313.