Cop Shoots Self in Leg – News at 11

By Jessica Aden and Mark Lipman

On the evening of the 24th of November, at approximately midnight, the Beachhead received tens of calls saying that there was a police invasion in the Oakwood district currently in progress. Beachhead reporters Jessica Aden and Mark Lipman were immediately dispatched to cover the on-going scene.

Upon arriving, a swarm of police officers had descended upon the intersection of Sunset and Lincoln – the entire division was out. They were preparing to move in ranks of two down Sunset Avenue. 

Reaching the police barricade, with a search helicopter circling overhead, we discovered that it was an officer-involved shooting and followed behind the police detachment that was heading down the road.

Secured behind a tree, across from the targeted house, we saw the police lining up, pistols drawn, single file along the neighboring wall. Slowly they crept, inching their way towards a barred gate. A leather padded hand wrapped itself tightly around one of the bars and slowly drew back the gate. It rolled open, sliding along its rail without so much as a creak.

The first entered – the point man, with a searchlight drawn – another had his back. Systematically, they searched every nook and cranny. Twilight jumped behind a bush – nothing moved – nothing there – again a step – and another and a jolting light snapped behind the parked car – eyes peeled for any trace of intrusion. 

Oh, these boys were good. They knew what they were doing and had 20, 30 guns backing them up. yeah, they were gonna get their man. Then they advanced another step and “Hey, whatcha doing there!?”

With a smooth snap and a flick of the wrist, the shadowy figure turned and held out his credentials, “Press,” he said. “The Beachhead – covering the scene for Venice.”

“Well, you can get off the crime scene – back behind the line. We’ll send someone out with a statement,” the silver haired commanding officer retorted.

“Yes sir. Happy to help out any way I can.”

Meanwhile, Beachhead reporter Jessica Aden was digging away, in the adjacent alleyway, to uncover more clues for this evolving story.

She reports below:

Around 1 a.m., rumors of an officer being shot in the leg began to emerge. They had a suspect – a Latino male wearing a blue shirt and shorts was hiding in the bushes. It was suspected that it was a bust gone bad and they were vigorously in pursuit. Nothing confirmed or denied. With taco truck closed, the scoop was getting cold. It was time to call it a night.

But wait – the Beachhead did not stop there. We dug a little deeper so that you’d get all the facts – Venice deserves nothing less.

As it turns out, the man they were in pursuit of – the Latino male – had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting and they were looking for him for something completely unrelated.

In fact, it is now discovered that the officer involved, or perhaps his partner – it was not made clear – experienced an unfriendly revolver discharge in err, which had adverse consequences to the former’s leg – right or left – we could probably have that information to you by press … In whichever case it may be, accept our condolences and a speedy recovery.

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