Filing Closes for City Elections

Bill Rosendahl and Antonio Villaraigosa will face only token opposition for re-election next May 19. Harry “Craig” Wilson is the only candidate to file to run against Rosendahl in the 11th City Council District. 

Villaraigosa will face Republican Walter Moore and several other unknown candidates. It was unknown at press time if David “Zuma Dog” Saltsburg has turned in sufficient petitions.

Some observers had expected stiff opposition for Villaraigosa after his less-than-stellar first term. Likewise, there had been talk of a Venice candidate to oppose Rosendahl because of his stand on permit parking. Neither of the challenges materialized, however.

Noel Weiss, an attorney for some Lincoln Place tenants has qualified to run for the City Attorney post being vacated by Rocky Delgadillo. However, Councilperson Jack Weiss (no relation) is likely to be the favorite.

Another City Council member, Wendy Gruel is running for City Controller.

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