How Venice Voted

Once again, Venice voted to the left of Los Angeles and the rest of the state. In Venice, Barack Obama received 88 percent of the vote. This is more than the 77 percent he received in the city of Los Angeles and the 61 percent he received in California. 

John McCain received on 10 percent of the vote in Venice 90291 compared with 13 percent that George Bush received in 2004. Kerry won 85 percent in that election.

It was not a good year for other presidential candidates. Peace and Freedom candidate Ralph Nader finished third with just 1 percent. Cynthia McKinney (Green) and Bob Barr (Libertarian) trailed with about half a percent.

Venice voted resoundingly against Proposition 8, a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Not a single precinct favored the measure. Unfortunately, L.A. County and California voted for Prop. 8. Does this mean that gay marriages can still be performed in Venice? There is certainly public support here.

-Jim Smith

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