Murdered on Abbot Kinney Blvd. Who Was Adam Pacheco?

By Jessica Aden

Adam Pacheco was gunned down outside the Otheroom, on September 28 at 9:20 p.m., after attending the Abbot Kinney Festival with friends. What should have been a day filled with reunions of old friends, good food, and memories; instead became the last day of the life of 31-year-old Adam Pacheco. 

Many youths growing up in Oakwood have few choices in the direction of their lives. Adam Pacheco lived for his family, especially his young daughter Desiree. He was only 18 when she was born. It changed his life forever. He immediately settled down and got married. Though many spiral down the path of violence and drugs, Adam Pacheco broke free of the web surrounding him and rose above society’s expectations. 

Adam dug deep and became a family man. To provide for his young wife, Perla, and for Desiree, Adam began taking multiple jobs from Costco, to Bagel Nosh, and others, but he still managed to provide time for his wife and little daughter. He obtained a job at P.B.&J jobs in Marina Del Rey, starting as a sweeper, making a little more than mininum wage. Through his hard work and patience, he developed the knowledge and skills of fitting fire sprinklers, and within eight months was in the union, Plumbers Local 709, making twice his starting salary. 

“They killed a family man,” his wife Perla states. Adam’s family was his pride and joy. Always putting his family first, he was a dedicated father. Adam’s life revolved around going to work, taking his daughter to and from school, cheerleading practice, baseball practice and making sure his wife and daughter were well provided for. 

Both Adam and his wife, Perla, strived for there daughter to grow up in a positive environment, making sure Desiree had the opportunities to become whatever she wanted in life. At only 12 years old, Desiree has served as Student Body President at her elementary school. She is currently a straight A honor student at Culver City Middle School and the captain of the Santa Monica Viking’s Cheerleading Squad, which just made the national competitions. 

“Adam gave Desiree the time and encouragement to be able to accomplish what she has done in such a short time,“ says Perla. Following the death of her father, the Pico Youth and Family Center (PYFC), Chiquele Studios and I.C.U. Art held a silent auction on November 15, benefitting Desiree’s dream of going to college. Entitled “Desiree’s Dream” more than 25 pieces of art were auctioned off, generating over $4,000 dollars. At the event, Adam’s friend of 12 years, Sal Galvan, an educator and motivational speaker and member of the PYFC, said, “Adam was a part of several communities, that came together tonight to help his daughter that he loved so much.” 

Born and raised in Venice, Adam Pacheco was proud to be a Venetian. He had a long arm in the community and was loved and respected by all who knew him. Growing up with the odds against him, Adam prevailed and became an example to follow. 

“He was in his own back yard, where he felt the safest,” says Perla of that tragic night. “It hurts me to think that my husband is being categorized as a gang member.”

“He did not deserve to be killed in such a cowardly way, being shot from the back. He did not even see it coming. It makes me sick how someone can do this to another human being,” she sobbed.

Police officials told the Beachhead that they have no leads in the case. Please call Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s office at 311 to ask him to establish a reward for information leading to the capture of the murderer. If you have information, please call LAPD Detective Salazar at 310-482-6371.

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