Swami Goes To The Movies – Review of What Just Happened?

By Swami X

You don’t know because you are either suffering regret over the malleable past, or in fear of the illusory, self-made future. What did just happen is the most entertaining, engrossing, mesmerizing film that has ever been made about movies. Masterpieces defy description. When you have been exposed to a masterpiece you are moved to give expression to your own inner spirit.

Everyone here is a star, especially the director and writer. The stars are so real you forget they are stars, and enjoy them as real live human beings, being human, funny, crazy, vulnerable, unique, pathetic, seeking their own reality. If this doesn’t get some Oscars, I’m moving to Alaska.

What “Bulworth” was to politics, “What Just Happened?” is to movies. If you are calibrated over 200, this film is definitely for you — twice.

Movies are magic and we love the magicians who move, uplift and enlighten our emotions, imagination, vision, ideals and understanding. A film of this honesty, humor, humanity, and genius is rare and deserves our gratitude. You may have problems and don’t feel gratitude for anything. Maybe it’s your attitude, belief systems or diet. Those Big Macs and Coca Cola could be killing you. Why don’t you wise up and start taking care of yourself. Get to know yourself. You are your own best friend.

See the movie; you’ll thank me. It’s good to be grateful, for “What Just Happened.

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