Big Bill’s

10:28 Friday, December 19, 2008, A-2, Hamilton High School Music Academy Magnet…..Big Bill’s on Abbot Kinney saved my ass,/ as well as a few hundred. What a mess!/ The shoes in back weren’t working. Just the front/ brake pads were stopping me. Went on a hunt/ to find a universal joint. But two/ were needed. Everyone told me to go/ to Big Bill’s, off of Venice. I obeyed./ That’s where each one of those repairs were made./ My brake’s proportion valve was stuck, and so/ the fluid wasn’t reaching either shoe./ Bill fixed the valve himself. Don’t say he can’t./ My brake light on the dashboard, off, it went./ Worth every dime, and more, I must confess./ Bring all your needs to Bill’s. He’ll make them pass…..

–R F Wagner, Jr.

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