Neighborhood Council

At the December 16 Venice Neighborhood Council Board meeting a petition with over 200 signatures demanding that the board rescind its approval of Overnight Parking Districts in Venice was submitted. In accordance with VNC Bylaws, the board now has no less than 30 days and no more than 90 days to hold a public vote on the issue.

A tentative date of February 17 has been given for a public vote. Please see next month’s Beachhead for more information on this very important matter.

Additionally, the VNC announced that they are now accepting proposals for use of the parcel of public land at 520 Venice Way. For consideration, proposals must be received by the VNC no later than February 2, including a description of what you would do and how you would do it.

For more information please see the VNC website at: http://www.venicenc.org


Homelessness/RV Committee

With ever growing tensions building between rivaling factions on this committee, at the December 4 meeting Dennis Hathaway, Susan Millmann, Samantha Tammaro and Reverend Tom Zeigert, the committee co-chair, all resigned in protest. Carolyn Rios was later named as the new co-chair for this committee.

–Mark Lipman

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