• Mystery –krista schwimmer 
• Half Heartedly – hillary kaye
• House of Cards – Doug Eisenstark
• Breaking Free – Janet C. Phelan
• repeat after me – Rex Butters



Evenings when the birds

are still and i doze before dreams

the silence stirs up a kind of ache,


a presence that blows through me

like the sound through a shell 

abandoned by its inhabitant. 


What?  i reply. 

Who?  i wonder. 

We forge an alliance. 


Words drag through me, 

relentless currents pulling me towards

this ache & still i resist completely. 


i know what it is not:

god or love.  i have tested 

both & ache returns. 


Death lounges beside ache 

amused by my own bewilderment. 

Yet, it is not death either. 


Empty, ache whispers, empty. 

We form a strong alliance. 

And out of us, suns are born. 

–krista schwimmer 


Half Heartedly

By hillary kaye

The phone


half way

between a talk show

half way

through a half baked article

I am half way reading

half way

to a hot bath

that is half filled.


Right between

a day dream

about the other half

of a night

that I didn’t stay to see

the other half of

I answer

the phone

half heartedly.


House of Cards

House of Cards

All fall down


Throw up your hands

Oh My God 

What a surprise

who would have thought?

Who could have known?


Throw up your hands

OMG what a surprise

who would have thought

who would have known


House of Cards

House of Cards

throw up your hands

cover your mouth

cover your eyes

cover your nose

cover your ears

cover your butt


House of Cards

all fall down


What a surprise!

Who would have thought?

Who could have known?

–Doug Eisenstark


Breaking Free

It’s like diving into the sea

I explained to him

The icy shock

as the waters close over your head

your blood racing

to keep you warm


then the second shock

when you realize

that sometime/soon

you will need to breathe


and panic fills your lungs


It’s what you learn here

that changes you

You think you’re sinking

but you’re actually breaking free


Gravity becomes irrelevant

as you abandon the terra-bound rules

to their own complications

Movement is different here

slowed yet effortless

Grace settles into your limbs

and you begin to dance


The real epiphany

is when you realize 

you can still breathe

you can breathe/underwater

you can breathe/water


against all preconceptions

against all scholarly proclamations

against the dictates of centuries of dogma


and then you know

the world you lived in

was a lie


It’s a matter of believing

I told him

as his eyes washed with terror


Breathe in

Breathe deeply

I did it

You can do it too


It’s so much easier

when you know the truth

–Janet C. Phelan


repeat after me

the elites educate you

to stop thinking


the elites want you to believe what 

their media tells you


the elites want tv to be

your reality


the elites want you to eat genetically altered 

nutritionally empty food


the elites want you to suspect everyone 

but them


the elites want unspeakable violence 

as the norm


the elites fully support

toothless artistic expression


the elites want every movie to revolve around

who has the gun


the elites want music to suck


the elites want poetry to rhyme

all the time


the elites listen to your phone calls


the elites read your emails


the elites want you to work three jobs

die young, burnt out, and broke


the elites hate women and children


the elites waste limited resources

for profit


the elites want to privatize your water

after they fill it with toxic waste


the elites want impotent acts of radicalism

to passify your heart and mind


the elites destroy community and culture

by raising rents


the elites want you to shut up and stay home

before a flickering light


the elites want their religions

to kill your spirit


the elites throw out

your votes


the elites want the truth marginalized

the elites want the truth sanitized

the elites want the truth institutionalized


the elites depend on you

not believing me

–Rex Butters

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