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Be of good cheer, nothing to fear, the Photon Belt is here. 

TV can’t hurt you, but it will negate your emotions,
lower your IQ and have you kicking your own rear…

Let me give you a bum steer: Eat at McDonalds for your health…

A clear mind, open emotions and a spiritual ideal is what is real wealth. 

Praise Jesus, boost Buddha, acknowledge Allah, admire Moses and accept OWow. 

Ripley it or Not, we’re all getting lighter and closer to NOW. 

If your mind and heart are open, you don’t have to be concerned with how; 

Doing that which is before you, with clarity, joy and compassion, could be the Tao. 

Eternity dies in the dungeon of self-centered existence. 

Life flows, it’s the ego that sets up resistance, 

Love of Truth, Good and Beauty is the soul’s endless insistence. 

Between the soul and God, there is absolutely no distance.

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