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Swami X Speaks – Film Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons & Other Musings

Movies might be Disneyland’s main line addiction. Of all the senses, the eye is the most challenging to control. The eye is connected to the brain, and the brain has a lot to do with everything. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons is long, thoughtful & emotionally provoking and original. I was moved, impressed and transported. As you may know, time is an illusion, especially if you’ve done your share of acid. It’s all NOW, embracing past, present, future. We are essentially consciousness, which pervades and transcends time, space, causality and the I.R.S., not to go abstract on you; that’s just the way it is.

I think this film may cause a segment of society to open their minds to contemplating time in a new light. Christ, I hope so. Of course, I don’t know which segment of society will get the hit. You never know!

I also think it might be a good idea to lower the price of movie tickets, popcorn and bordello services. Just a thought! I don’t eat a lot of popcorn. I do love movies, however.

I believe it takes a lot of talent, dedication and sacrifice to become a movie star. I love and respect the whole gang of them. The outstanding great ones have my reverence for all the pleasure, excitement, insight and inspiration they’ve granted us through the years. I could name names, but who in the hell am I. They know who they are, and you might too. When you stop to really contemplate life, you may realize the whole experience may be likened unto a movie. You are the director, you play all the roles and you are also the audience, much like a dream. How do you manage to do that?

However, keep it up.

It’s all good and all the best,

–Swami X

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