3 Super-Simple Social Speedways To Save The Earth!

By Amy Dewhurst

We’ve all heard the slogans “Earth Day Everyday” but for those of us lucky enough to live in this beautiful beach side city, where the bulk of our activities are outside; beneath the sun, above the sand, here are 3 Super-Simple, Social ways to Save The Earth.

Eat Local Organic Produce – With the Venice, Santa Monica and Mar Vista Farmers Markets within a walk, buying local, organic produce is an easy, fun, healthy way to do your grocery shopping.

Here’s Why; Despite new diseases popping up daily and the death rate for cancer at a shocking 565,650 per year the standard practice of American (and International) Farmers STILL involves the use of billions of pounds of pesticides annually. When chemical pesticides are used to kill pests, they often also kill the microorganisms that contain carbon contained in the soil. With the reduction of microorganisms the soil is no longer naturally fertile and therefore chemical fertilizers are regrettably required. That means we are literally ingesting upwards of 3,000 strains of toxic chemical per each pound of fresh veggies. In addition to maintaining your health, buying locally inhibits transportation needs, thereby drastically reducing the CO2 emissions.

Bike To Work (School, The Waves) – Whether you believe in the global warming phenomenon or not, no one can dispute Los Angeles is amongst the worst air quality nationally. There are approximately 12 million single car drivers on our freeways daily. Help reduce that number by biking, skating, walking or even cart wheeling to work, school, or the strand. A typical 10 mile trip uses approximately .5-2.5 gallons of gasoline, burning 1 gallon of gasoline equates 20+ pounds of carbon dioxide burned/emitted into the environment. That’s the thankless work of thousands of trees—Vanished! Help the trees, the air, the sig alerts and your inner thighs by hitting the beach side bike path. All of the above will thank you!

*Annual “Bike To Work Day” is May 14th-Join The Fun!

Beach Clean – In 2007 the California Coastal Commission reported 900,000 pounds of garbage removed from our State Beaches by volunteers. Now imagine if they didn’t volunteer, where would that garbage be? There’s an old 60s saying “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.” Next time you are watching the sunset at the breakwater why not pick up a few (dozen) cigarette butts, straws, plastic bags or refuse. It’s a simple way of honoring the ocean and our humble beachside city.

*The Surfrider Foundation hosts the Annual Earth Day Beach Clean. Saturday April 18th. 9-11 a.m. Meet-Up in Lot 5 South.

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