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Dear Beachhead,

Infinite thanks to your pub for the front page, top shelf stories about Sponto. I knew him 15 years ago, when I was a young, tan, boardwalk skater he invited in for a puff. Now I’m a pasty Oregon mom, but I have never forgotten my afternoons with Sponto, sipping red wine in the middle of the day and giving each other foot rubs while watching the beauty of Venice roll by. If it’s at all possible to obtain a paper copy of this issue, I would be eternally grateful. Just let me know what I can do to make it happen.

Peace & Gratitude~

Gina Graham, Eugene, Oregon


Heroic Story

Dear Beachhead,

Saturday someone came out to our “african drum circle” and dropped off some paper copies. I just now read front page article and loved it !!!! but find title of article misleading tho it may be a lure…I think a more adept but alluring title would have been more appropriate to trusting the Beachhead’s mission and ideals.

However, the poetry-form informative article, totally believable, was just great…an uplift into being EMPOWERED even with mere terra cotta flower pots or whatever is at hand…in these days of all the news telling us we are going into stupidity, bail outs, darkness, and help-less-futility-ness.

One woman, acting intuitively courageously [these go together, we know ] in a dangerous and other-life saving situation is a good example to the rest of us who hopefully don’t have to do just that that we too can do “something! anything! whatever is available at that moment of time/place“ should any need arise. And as our IRAs, CD bank accounts, and employment decay and disappear, our insecurity explodes…and this heroic story reminds us that we too can “do something !“ at any time in any way…no matter what is happening w/o our control “out there.”

Good writing, good placement, good publishing, good work. don’t stop!

maryjanie, artist, writer, reporter too

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