Oakwood Park – Fun for the Entire Family!

By Lydia Poncé

Private Piano lessons at Oakwood Park – for all level students for the Venice youth! Students must be a minimum of 5 years old and in 1st grade and up. Lessons are 25 minutes increments on Wednesdays. The piano classes may yield a waiting list. Enrollment is limited, call and find out more!

Tap Dance classes for children ages 5-8 years and Ballet for Beginners ages 5-8 years and Ballet 1 for students age 8-12 years. Tuesdays are dance days! Check it out!!!!

New Spring Schedule has so much to offer, such as hip-hop, tumbling, computer classes, Little Chefs, aerobics, after school Club and a Teen Club. The park could use some additional book donations, preferably multiple copies of one book so children may read together.

Batter up! Spring Baseball League for ages 6 to 11 years. Please do enroll early because the sports activities are in high demand!

Senior Activities:

Senior Aerobics & Senior Fitness- for the Mind, Body & Spirit; Fridays Seniors have BINGO and win a variety of prizes. Monday thru Friday there is a small fee for Senior lunches $1.25 @ 11:30-12:30pm.

Class registrations began March 28th but classes begin April 13th. Parents, if you do not have Spring Break childcare, (from April 6th to April 10th); check out the fun planned at the park! Registration fees are still the best this side of the 405 freeways. Yes, there’s sliding scale offered. Don’t forget Summer Day Camp, too! Parent Night on Wednesday, June 17th @ 7:pm, please bring your camper and meet the staff. You can have your questions and concerns answered.

Oakwood Park is the heart of Venice and the beach is her soul. While everyone is talking about hope and change- there have been a lot of changes at our park that feeds us hope as a community. Liska Mendoza, the facility director, has been successful in her endeavors and she has a small but mighty staff to accomplish the noted celebrated changes. Happy one year anniversary, Liska! Most of her staff has to triple up with responsibilities and with upcoming budget cuts, she shared with the Beachhead, she has shared her concerns. However, the super-hero team at Oakwood, all shares the same concern for the well being, education, and health of the Venice community. That’s were you come in…

Now is the time to come to volunteer, as a Coach, as a mentor, tutor or help with the snack shack during games. Call Liska and ask how you can assist! The process is easy; simply fill out an application; get a tuberculosis test; and a Life scan.

Oakwood Park Advisory also needs 3 more community members, who can “utilize their talents to continue to build community and create positive and fun filled experiences for the Venice community”. Stop in and fill out an application, then interviews will take place in the next couple of weeks. The OPAB meets once a month, the last Tuesday of every month, unless there is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. One such emergency meeting recently held was regarding the Cell Tower. (See side notes)

This month Oakwood’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt: on April 10th, Activities begin @ 2pm, the hunt begins @ 3:30pm. Bring a basket! Kids can have their face painted or try their hands at egg dying.

Visitors and residents who bring their dogs to Oakwood Park please obey the “No Dogs Off Leashes” signs that are posted through out the entire park. As of 1st January 2009, it is now also against the law to walk more than 3 dogs. The Park Rangers and Animal Services will be issuing tickets. The dog park is located at Westminster & Main Street. Oakwood Park is not a dog park.

It is a serious concern that the cell phone tower at Oakwood Park is connected. We need to dismantle it. There were other cell towers successfully thwarted that were scheduled to be erected In Venice. But somehow this one made it through, regardless of the residents’ upset. Somehow it was easy for the cell phone company to take over that side of the Oakwood Park. The Cell Phone Trust won for now- but I’m all for taking that monstrous cancer causing monument down.

You can sign up for the email list and get your information via the internet! or call for more info: 310-452-7479

Please fill out a “Needs Assessment” form and let the Liska and the staff know what classes or activities you’d enjoy at Oakwood Park and please do come in and volunteer!

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