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When you get to be 83, the big thing in what’s left of this life is total spiritual freedom. That’s what I’ve been going for, since I was 12. At that time, through a personal experience, I wanted to be a comedian. And I made it, on the streets and police stations of America and Britain. Making people laugh from a park bench is especially rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling from the inside of oneself. I thank God for everything, and especially for such a rare opportunity of spiritual realization.

And so, what I do now is write. I write what comes into my heart and mind. I write for my own pleasure, amusement and enlightenment. Enlightening thoughts come to me more these days, as the body approaches the Grinning Sweeper. Any thought that is kind, true, grateful, loving and positively creative is enlightening. Enlightenment takes over us gradually and casually, and then again, it may strike suddenly and dramatically. In any event, it’s much more pleasant to be conscious, creative and blissful than mean, surly and unconscious. Of course, meditation is introduction to God 101. And meditation may be performed a million ways. You always need something to see and something to say, along with a substantial sum of devotion and determination.

I really do believe soul felt laughter is a gift from, and to, god. God is a Cosmic Blissful Spirit that lives in everything, and everything is alive, forever. It’s a stretch if one isn’t used to these ideas, concepts and truths. Truth always reveals light and points to a positive goal.

We’ve missed contact with our inner compass of clarity and compassion. God is Love and only if you are expressing that love are you Godly. And we’re all Godly, because we all love ourselves; our family, friends, the neighbor down the street, the mail person, our dog, our pussy cat, our gold fish, our tank of piranhas, the old goat in the garage, the metermaid who is sadistically doing her job.

Go with God, that’s all There is.

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